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After spending nearly 10 years at different internal marketing, advertising, and communications roles in a variety of industries I decided to launch MKConsulting to address what I considered to be an underserved element in marketing. I have degrees in Advertising, Psychology, Design Research and am currently completing an Executive MBA program.

Understanding the "why" of any challenge or opportunity is the root of everything MKConsulting does. Being able to offer these types of data and research oriented services to marketers is something that I wish I had access to when I was operating the marketing department.


Our Promise

Marketing strategy and development can be incredibly complicated, especially in larger organizations with multiple brand lines and channel strategies. My goal is to simplify what the data is showing us as much as possible to ensure well informed business decisions. The thing about data, is you never have to question if what you are doing is right or wrong - all you have to do is see what story the data tells us. Making smart decisions in marketing means better engagement, higher conversions, and less wasted money spent on trying to figure out what works.

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