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Michelle Keefer, MA, MBA, is first and foremost a problem solver. As a lover of sustainable market growth and business operations rooted in integrity, MK has forged a niche in strategic design thinking for SaaS product and market development.

If you are tired of quick fixes and over promised flat deliveries, and are ready to invest in your brand developing long-term growth channels, then take a deep breath. MK can help.
A Masters in Design Research, an MBA and 13 years experience in advertising, product development, program design and general marketing strategy isn’t good for anything if the knowledge can’t be shared to help solve problems for brands trying to create impact.

Experiment, Discover, and Innovate.

ROI is for advertising and a getting dollars in the funnel.
Investment is for developing long term business growth.
Sustainability is knowing the difference, and how to align resources and operations to make weekly sprints and quarterly goals work for 5 and 7 year visions.

Go-To-Market Plan

Know what you want but not how to get there?
You have team, resources, innovators but you aren’t sure where to start to actually execute the goals you’ve set. Or that you think you’ve set?
Project Scopes Vary

Product Prioritization Study

Can you say features backlog?
Do you know the difference between which features will surprise and delight your customers and which will send them packing? You could.

Brand Position Road Map

Who is your Sue?
Which customers can sustainably help scale your customers, which cost more than they are worth, and who should just find someone else from the start? Find out!
Project Scopes Vary

To Find Your Strategic Position
is To Find a Voice with Impact.

Researcher | Advocate | Strategist | Herder of Cats

What does a “Herder of Cats” do, exactly? We successfully coordinate various ideas, priorities, communication strengths and project resources to make things happen. When it’s done well, you’re left with the feeling of “I just don’t know how they do it.” You’ve definitely met one before.

“The Sunshine is a Friend of Mine.”

Even in dark and stormy times, or in the dead of night, I always find a way to appreciate the sunshine. I’m no guru, but I do practice mindfulness and positivity. I believe when branding and product align with messaging, these tactics can fuel organic growth with the...

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“Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”

Notorious quote from the manager Chad while working as a merchandising specialist for Old Navy while completing my advertising/psychology degree at Texas State University. For some reason this has always stuck with me. In this context, it was why I shouldn’t stay out...

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“Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time.”

I have no idea where this quote came from, but I say it often and it is completely accurate. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, it can only be done one step at a time. Unfortunately even the most proficient hustler or organizational guru is still just a...

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