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Even in dark and stormy times, or in the dead of night, I always find a way to appreciate the sunshine.

I’m no guru, but I do practice mindfulness and positivity. I believe when branding and product align with messaging, these tactics can fuel organic growth with the law of positive attraction.

What does science say?

  • User generated content drives organic reach.
  • Positive engagement makes algorithms happy.
  • People like stories that make them feel good.
  • We are more likely to believe a personal testimony over a brand statement of quality.
  • We all want to be wanted, liked, and feel like we belong to something.
  • Happy employees are more productive and have better customer interactions.
  • Consistent and reliable positive interactions creates positive user generated content.

Ultimately I recognize that good people want to do good business with other good people.

When the product is researched and tested, the messaging matches the desires of the audience, and the people behind the brand provide authentic, positive experiences the business will grow in long term sustainable measures.

So I focus on the positive, look for the hidden light creating the shadows, and diligently aspire for better business.

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